RIVIERA BIOTECH LLC began with drugs for urology and they continue to play an important role in our portfolio:

  • «PROSTENOL» gel consists of extracts of Sabal palm, Pidgeum and lycopene and is designed to prevent and treat prostate adenoma and chronic prostatitis. PROSTENOL gel is intended for oral administration and is very convenient to use, as there is no need to dissolve it or swallow with water – it is ready to use.
  • «FITOURAL» gel is similar to FITOLIZIN and also has a pleasant taste. FITOURAL gel includes extracts of the herb Goldenrod, chamomile, bird knotweed, St. John’s wort, sage leaves, and also hyaluronic acid. It is intended for use as part of complex therapeutic treatment for acute and chronic urinary tract infections and urolithiasis.
  • «CITRALIT» - gel for oral administration is a citrate mixture for dissolving urate and oxalate stones of the kidneys and ureter.
  • «RIVAGEL» - is a sterile gel with 2% lidocaine and chlorhexidine for urethral catheterization. It is available in 11ml syringes. Similar to «Instillagel» and «Categel».
  • «UroDapter» – is a device for urinary bladder instillation without catheterization.
  • A catheter to deliver solutions to the bladder with a «Luer-Lock» adapter
  • Lubricated catheters for intermittent bladder catheterization
  • «Biolito» electrostimulator for tibial neuromodulation
  • The «Cryo-S Electric» device for selective cryodenervation of the penis as a method of treating premature ejaculation

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