The history of RIVIERA BIOTECH LLC began in 2009 – in Stockholm, at the Congress of the European Society of Urology, where Professor J.J. Winsdale conducted a workshop on the role of urothelium protectors in the treatment of various forms of chronic cystitis. At that time, there were only two urothelium protectors: Cystistat (sodium hyaluronate) and Gepan Instill (chondroitin sulfate). Neither of them were registered in Russia. So, we decided to create a Russian urothelium protector.
In collaboration with MKS Laboratories, the bladder mucosa protector URO-HYAL (0.08% sodium hyaluronate solution) was created. The knowledge we have acquired of using URO-HYAL allowed us to independently create an enhanced bladder mucosa protector – UROLIFE.
What distinguishes UROLIFE is its longer-lasting action due to the mucoadhesive effect of cationic hyaluronic acid, as well as more effective restoration of the epithelium of the bladder due to the special structure of hyaluronic acid, developed in conjunction with Bloomagefreda Biopharm. The viscoelastic bladder mucosa protector UROLIFE is intended for instillation of the bladder in interstitial and radiation cystitis.
In order to obtain a comprehensive effect, we have launched an entire line of oral preparations under the UROLIFE brand:

  • «UROLIFE» capsules (cranberry proanthocyanidins, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine HCl) – to protect the bladder mucosa from bacteria that cause cystitis
  • «UROLIFE» gel for oral administration (D-Mannose, cranberry proanthocyanidins, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, magnesium) – to protect the bladder mucosa from bacteria that cause cystitis, and to inactivate pathogenic microorganisms
  • «UROLIFE FORTE» capsules (chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine in a higher dosage, plus magnesium and vitamin B6) – дto protect and restore the bladder mucosa in interstitial or radiation cystitis
  • «UROLIFE» herbal drink – to reduce symptoms of acute cystitis
  • «FITOURAL» gel (herbal extracts and hyaluronic acid) – to prevent and reduce symptoms of exacerbated cystitis
  • «UROLIFE FORTE» suspension (hyaluronic acid, magnesium, B vitamins) - to protect and restore the bladder mucosa in interstitial or radiation cystitis
With our knowledge gained in the field of protecting and restoring the bladder epithelium, we decided to develop an oral epithelial protector, VITA-GIAL, to protect and restore the oral mucosa during radiation or chemotherapy.
Then, in collaboration with the research and production company Rastitelnye Resursy, we launched the first esophageal protector – EZOVISK to protect and restore the esophageal mucosa in reflux esophagitis.
Developing the ideas behind EZOVISK, we launched EZOPHAGEL – a protector of the esophageal epithelium with increased mucoadhesiveness.
A good example of production under a private label is HYA-RELAX – a protector of the vaginal mucosa to protect and restore it, including in radiation colpitis.
The company’s product portfolio includes vitamin complexes ALAKRIVIT and DeTriLight – in gel form for oral administration. This is a convenient formulation as the gel is always ready to use – you do not need to dissolve it or swallow with water. Our vitamins also taste very pleasant.
This is by no means an exhaustive list of the products that we manufacture. Our product portfolio includes the PROSTENOL brand for use in urology, and ARGIPROL and FISSULEN gels for treating anal fissures. In addition, RIVIERA BIOTECH is a distributor for companies such as METRUM CRYOFLEX, ISTEM MEDICAL, MTR+, DIREX INITIA, THT-BIOSCIENCE, FUJI DYNAMICS, and UROSYSTEM.
And it doesn’t end there! Our motto is “We create – for you!”

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