RIVIERA BIOTECH Company is open for cooperation and offers:

  • Pharmacy chains – to supply products with a high average receipt amount and LTV. Demand for our products is created both by doctors' prescriptions as a result of the professional work of our team of medical representatives and by viable advertising campaigns in the OLV format. Please feel free to contact our sales department for a commercial proposal. In our business dealings we always adhere to the win-win principle.
  • For clinics – we offer special prices for our products, training of medical personnel in its use, assistance to clinic management in building the business model of the urogynecology department (female urology)
  • Contract manufacturing of products under your brand name – our R&D and manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer production under the customer's brand name.
  • To suppliers – RIVIERA BIOTECH is a distributor of companies from Europe and other parts of the world: METRUM CRYOFLEX, MTR+, THT-BioScience, ISTEM MEDICAL, DIREX INITIA, UROSYSTEM. We are always ready to cooperate.


Contact person: Helen Detyuk
Phone: +7(938) 525-11-86
Contact person: Alena Ubaydova
Phone: +7(938) 661-13-74

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