VITA-HYAL mouthwash

Dentistry – широкий ассортимент VITA-HYAL mouthwash – купить с доставкой
VITA-HYAL mouthwash - фото - 1
Size: 200 mL
Form of issue: liquid for mouthwash

Vita-Hyal helps to protect, moisturize and restore the oral mucosa. It is also used for the prevention of mucosal lesions.

The main active ingredient of Vita-Hyal is sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid). It has a long-lasting moisturizing effect and promotes rapid regeneration of the mucous membrane, accelerating the re-epithelialization of the damaged area. Hyaluronic acid is a part of all body tissues, stimulates the production of collagen and extracellular matrix.

Administration of Vita-Hyal: in case of hyperic lesions, radiation mucositis, tonsillitis, pharygitis, stomatitis (bacterial, viral, fungal), tooth extraction, gingivitis, bleeding gums, hyposalivation, xerostomia, remineralization, glossitis

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